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A good way to start drawing daily or to get back to drawing regularly is to find websites that post daily drawing prompts and draw whatever is prompted every day.

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This year I decided to give that a go as I wanted to start drawing more and get better at it. I actually came across this when I was looking for some inspiration to draw. It is difficult to think of new things to draw every time and I was getting into the habit of just spending my time trying to find what I should draw.

In December 2015, I had to start working on designing a portfolio for all the interviews I had to give to get into a masters program. For this portfolio I had to create a lot of artwork and I wanted to do smaller pieces on the side to get more practice with various art supplies and techniques. So, I bought myself an A5 sized drawing journal and decided to start drawing daily in it from January 1st, 2016.

It is June 2016 now and I am sad to say I did not end up drawing daily. I did about 50 drawings in it and then by March I got too busy with finishing my portfolio pieces and my interviews and entrance exams . But I enjoyed drawing in this book very much. It was always fun to not know what I would be drawing the next day and also finishing a piece.

My book is half way full and I plan to keep drawing in it when I can again now. And it is more fun when you don’t follow a single prompt site and go on multiple sites randomly for your prompts. That way they are more random and you are not confined to one single type of art.

Some of my favorite places for prompts are Sketch Dailies, Creative Bug, ArtPrompts and my own head.

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