Juno and How I Failed at Drawing SunnyD

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I saw this film a couple of years ago after I saw the trailer on YouTube while watching random videos and was interested. And it became one of my favorite films because I loved the dialogues, the actors and the way it was filmed. There were a couple of dull moments in between but overall the film is fun to watch. And also, I really love the film’s soundtrack.


The story is about a girl, Juno, who gets pregnant after having sex with her friend. The movie follows her parents reactions, her want to find the perfect parents to adopt the baby, meeting them, all while she understands and falls in love. Her practical approach to the situation and lack of much drama is what I admire the most.

When I decided to take up the daily drawing challenge in which I would represent my favorite films, Juno was one of the movies, and I decided to draw a SunnyD container as it is what Juno is drinking when the movie begins.


It was a complete struggle to do this as I wanted it to look like a three-dimensional object and had no idea about how to go about it and how to work with shadows. I tried my best to work with the reference image, trying to copy what I saw.

I wouldn’t say the piece was a complete fail. I did like the background and the shape of the container but that was it. It all went south when I started adding color. At that point I did not understand layering with watercolors very much. So the result was, after I finished the first wash, I went over it to darken the color and finally added an even darker color to places where I thought the shadows were. No blending, no more washes.

The resulting piece as you can see is kind of three-dimensional looking at some places and two-dimensional at others. It was much later I understood blending and layering a bit better.

I love the film, I could have done better with the drawing. Maybe I will attempt it again sometime and see if I can do a better job.

Here is the trailer if anyone is interested:

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