Juno and How I Failed at Drawing SunnyD

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I saw this film a couple of years ago after I saw the trailer on YouTube while watching random videos and was interested. And it became one of my favorite films because I loved the dialogues, the actors and the way it was filmed. There were a couple of dull moments in between but overall the film is fun to watch. And also, I really love the film’s soundtrack.


Children of Heaven and Drawing Fishes

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I saw the film Children of Heaven a couple of years ago and was a fan right away. The film is about a brother and a sister and their love for each other. It shows how at that young age they understand that their father is poor and cannot afford to splurge money on a new pair of shoes. The film follows their story as they try different ways to acquire a pair of shoes for the girl, the boy having lost her shoes by mistake earlier in the film, so they don’t have to share a pair anymore.